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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More confused judges at work...

This story about the British and European courts refusing to allow a British woman to bring her frozen embryos out of their frozen state is disheartening on so many levels.

The woman was facing ovarian cancer, so she and her then-fiance took the "logical" modern step of having some of her healthy eggs removed prior to treatment, fertilized with his sperm and frozen until she was cancer-free and they were ready to start a family via IVF. Well, she's cancer-free now, but the couple broke up and the ex-fiance has decided he doesn't want to be a parent after all.

British law requires both father and mother to consent at every step of the IVF process. Dad's not consenting, so Mom can't do a thing. Mom appealed to the European court, and they basically said, "It's his sperm."

Only it's NOT his sperm any more. Each of those embryos has his/her own unique genetic code and is an indivudal HUMAN BEING. Who, by the by, should never have been frozen to begin with, but now that they are, they should be rescued, even if Daddy doesn't want to play house any more.




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