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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Many thanks to God!

I have had the pleasure of hearing great news from some lovely couples who are all expecting babies.

Mr. & Mrs. Rankinstein will have their second baby sometime in late December or early January.

The C family (one of my husband's best friends) are also expecting a second child, a little boy to be born in late August.

And Pansy Moss announced the arrival of baby #6, sometime in mid-to-late December. She's thinking boy, I'm thinking it's about time for another girl. :-)

Prayers continuing for those among us who greatly desire to have another child but as yet have not been so blessed.


Late Breaking Update: Also, many, many, many thanks to God for the arrival of L&L's twins this week -- twins who were very nearly aborted last October, because both mother and father thought that's what the other parent wanted. It's a very long story, but at the last minute -- as L&L were standing in the parking lot of an abortion clinic -- they were stopped for a different reason and eventually came to find out that neither one of them actually wanted the abortion. L&L are both madly in love with the babies now and immensely grateful. God is GOOD!


  • Thanks (belatedly) for the well wishes! We're totally stoked...though the name battles have begun already. nothing sounds good with rankinstein. Sigh.

    By Blogger Rankinstein, at 1:18 PM  

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