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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rest in peace, Jack

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Jack C.

Jack is the father of one of my dearest friends (we gave her name to Lola as a middle name). Jack is a great guy and even helped us name Zooey years ago when I was very pregnant and he was visiting town for one of his granddaughter's confirmation ceremony.

He died yesterday of a sudden heart attack while vacationing with his children and grandchildren. My friend had been with the group over the weekend but returned to work on Monday, so she was the only one of Jack's children not with him as he passed. His wife is in a home for Alzheimer's victims and has not recognized him for some months -- not sure when she will be told, by whom (she doesn't recognize any of her children any more, either) or how she will take it. The whole family is devastated as Jack really was the pillar of wisdom and faith for them all. So if you could pray for Jack's survivors, too, it would be much appreciated.



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