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Monday, October 09, 2006

Comings & Goings...

A belated welcome to Benjamin Paul E____, the eleventh child of one of my high school pals and third son. He was actually born July 1, ten weeks premature, and as we live very far away from one another, I didn't know of his early arrival until I got the birth announcement over the weekend. Ben is now home from NICU and doing very well, with plenty of older siblings to dote on him and two experienced, loving, Christian parents.

And today I am also remembering a "friendly combatant" on a religious debate board I visit on occasion. I learned today that Franklin died last week of cancer. Please offer your prayers for the repose of his soul, as he was a very faithful Christian to the last. He had little use for Catholicism, and many misconceptions about my faith, but he truly loved the Lord and did his level best to honor Him. Rest in peace, Franklin.



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