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Monday, October 09, 2006

Showing the house...

Day Seven since we listed. We've had five different people/families in to see the house. The first loved everything about the upper part but felt the basement could not be finished. (We think it can be -- heck, my husband ran a recording studio down there -- but differing opinions sometimes prevail.) The other four were in Saturday & Sunday, and I think it would be later in the week before we could hear from them. Hoping and praying for at least one bid, preferrably a "workable" bid.

It sure is hard to keep the house in "showable" condition, though, with three little kids. We've put all their hard-to-pick-up toys in storage, things like Lego sets and Lincoln Logs and the play-kitchen things. Even so, it's amazing how much of a mess they can make with a spiral-bound notebook and six crayons. (They have more toys than that still at home, honest -- it was just an example).

So hard not to be anxious...


UPDATE: Our relator has been in contact with three of the four relators who visited over the weekend. One said they wanted two bathrooms, one didn't like the basement, and the third said it just wasn't right and they wanted a main floor bathroom. But two of the three relators had positive things to say about the house, the condition it's in and its location. I guess I should pray for more people to come see the house, huh. Four definite "no" answers out of five visitors.


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