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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thanks be to God...

...and thanks to Saint Anthony for the prayers! In our continuous "hurry up, there's a showing in half an hour" cleaning frenzies, we misplaced a Very Important Receipt. Immediately upon seeking the intercession of Saint Anthony, I had a feeling where the receipt might be. I didn't look there straight away, feeling rather foolish, but after a few peeks in "the usual places," I did. It wasn't there, but just standing there made me look in another very near location, and there it was.

Too bad Saint Anthony can't find a buyer for our house that quickly! (I've luck. And we've done a novena to Saint Joseph already. No, I didn't bury a Saint Joseph statue upside down in the yard, but I do understand the temptation now...sorta want to hold the fellow hostage when you're desperate. Not that we would...)

On the house buying/selling front, we close on the new house a week from tomorrow. ACK! Everything is going fairly well, even though our banker miscalculated and we had less than 3 weeks to cough up an extra $7500 by closing. Odd thing at my age to be borrowing money from our parents, but we had to, and we'll pay them back as soon as our current house sells.

We've had nine private showings for said current house, and the open house drew 6 groups. Tomorrow is the "relator walk-through," when relators from all over the city will come to see the house. That's good, because if they see it, they may want to help promote it. Every relator who's been in it has had good things to say, and a couple have been by with more than one client.

As far as interested parties, we have two that are saying it's between our house and another. I don't know if that other house is the same exact one for both couples, but if so, that would be great because the one couple who doesn't get the other house will surely buy ours. What are the odds, I wonder?

Tonight, I'm back to packing up our belongings in preparation for the move. I don't know exactly when that will be, as the professional cleaners can't get into the new house until November 6, and with my husband's cat allergies, we just can risk it before that. The previous owner has 7 cats, and we landed on a cleaning company that cleans for a lady who has 9 and will permit NO lingering cat odor in her home. They also clean for the local Cat Rescue out here, so I'm thinking they have some good exeperience.

Okay, that's all for now...



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