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Monday, September 24, 2007

Hand-Me-Down Warning

If your young daughter happens to receive a hardly-worn pair of church shoes from a friend, and if these shoes feature your daughter's favorite character and some translucent doodads, you are hereby warned.

The reason those church shoes are hardly worn is because the translucent doodads light up! This is completely enchanting to any child under the age of, I don't know, 12 or so. A preschooler finds it just about impossible to sit in church without tapping their feet on every available surface -- kneeler, pew in front of her, brother's shins, etc. -- to get their shoes to flicker.

I'm kind of hoping that flashes of bright pink light were not visible to anyone other than us and the people behind us yesterday. But if you were at the 10 a.m. Mass at St. Mary's and you know better, please tell me!


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