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Monday, March 03, 2008

Inspirational Conversations at My House

My husband was talking to our five-year-old about her God-given artistic gifts last night. She already excels in things like dance, singing and visual arts. In fact, we made a volcano together out of Sculpy clay last week for "Letter V Week" at school, and she was very descriptive about how she wanted the lava to look like "flowers" shooting out of the little brown mountain...and once she got to work on it and shaped it exactly so, she got a very impressive result. (Sorry -- I forgot to snap a photo of it to post here!)

So here's how the last part of the conversation went.

DAD: No matter what you do in your life, you will always be able to create something beautiful, whether it's dance or art or singing or playing a musical instrument.

EDYN: (Smiles happily)

DAD: ...Because that dance or art or music comes from there. (He points to her chest.)

EDYN: (Smiles happily)

DAD: Do you know what that is that helps you make good dance or art or music?

EDYN: (Surveying her chest) Super Monkey Girl! (...which is what her t-shirt said)

Thus, another solemn attempt at a teaching moment in our house dissolves into hysterical laughter.


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