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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Killing women under 45

I read in a recent AP story that women under 45 are seeing an increase in their rate of heart disease . "Heart experts aren't sure what went wrong," the article says.

What idiots! Heart disease is listed as a side effect of hormonal birth control. Many, many women in this age group are taking prescribed birth control pills, or wearing the patch or getting injections. Read the insert that comes with these hormones, and "heart disease" is right there on the possible side effects list.

It doesn't take a genius to add this up, folks. Many women under 45 use hormonal birth control. Heart disease is a proven side effect of hormonal birth control. Many more women under 45 are dying from heart disease these days.

If you're using hormonal birth control, you need to get the FACTS. It's often prescribed without any consideration of its potential to ruin your cardiovascular system (not to mention your liver and possibly your ovaries). Hormonal birth control shortens the life expectancy for women and the medical community refuses to care.

Did you know that in the 1950s and 1960s when they were testing hormonal birth control, they tested it on men and women? About half the men experienced shrunken testicles, so their portion of the study was immediately stopped. Six of the women died, and all the researchers did was lower the dosage. Rather misogynistic of them, don't you think? And women all over the world have allowed themselves to be subjected to this bad "medicine" approach to giving men* the freedom to have as much sex as they want with as little responsibility -- no pills to pop, no compromised health to suffer, no kids to raise.

Learn more from Dr. Janet Smith's work, "Contraception: Why Not?"


*You seriously don't think these male researchers were interested in giving women any sort of freedom, do you? Come on.

Whew! There's nothing like the topic of hormonal birth control to bring out the feminist in me. Don't ruin your beautiful female body! Eat right, get some exercise, do your monthly BSEs, learn how your body works, and have more babies!


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