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Monday, October 01, 2007

He's almost here!

My newest godchild, Dominic, is about to be born after a rather harrowing pregnancy.

His mom's water broke at 31+ weeks, and though she has a history of going early, that's a little too early for comfort. She'd lost her first baby at 32 weeks, actually. Anyway, after a week on bedrest in the hospital and then nearly 2 weeks of bedrest at home (with a 3-year-old!), she went in today for a check-up and they decided to go ahead and induce her, lest they risk infection.

Like I said, she goes early. Her daughter, now 7, was born at 36 weeks and her son (my other godson) was born at 34 weeks. Dominic will be 34 weeks on the nose, too.

If you could say a quick prayer for a safe & healthy delivery for both Mom and Baby, I'd sure appreciate it.



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