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Friday, August 22, 2003

Well, good news in Mississippi: if you happen to be a person still in the womb, you have some rights now.

The abortion-rights proponents are upset, as usual. Which really makes no sense if they are as "pro-choice" as they say they are. I mean, if it all comes down to a mother's choice in determining whether or not the being in the womb is a baby or not, then why do they care that the government allows it, too?

I thought it was really strange that the abortion-rights lobby was upset when this issue came up in the Laci/Connor/Scott Peterson case. I mean, why shouldn't the prosecuters pursue a double murder charge? Two bodies were fished out of the bay. There were two coffins at the funeral. Two headstones sit in the cemetery with two different names. The family is mourning the loss of two people. So why shouldn't there be two murder charges?



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