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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

See my Weather Pixie today? She's holding an umbrella! Rain, rain, glorious rain! It's fairly slow and steady, and there are those medium-grey clouds blanketing the sky, the kind that you think might mean it will rain all day. Hurray! And thank you, Lord.

We'd have to get a whole lot of rain over the next several days to bring us even with expected rainfall for the year, and more than that to get us out of the "extreme drought" conditions that we're in, but this is a start.

It's too late for most crops out here, by the way. I won't have a complete harvest update until October, but I'll find out what I can this month. I know there are a lot of farmers out there sighing, "Too little, too late," but if we have a good rainy fall, it will put them all in better shape for next season.



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