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Friday, January 09, 2004

Okay, I guess this is it!

Because I'm Group B Strep+, I'll have to get to the hospital to start antibiotics by about 11 a.m. our time. GBS is only a big deal if you don't know you have it and aren't treated accordingly. I've been positive for it with both my other deliveries, so I know that by putting me on IV antibiotics, it protects the baby from possible infection. My doctor is great and doesn't confine me to bed, even with the IV. I can just roll the IV cart around the hospital to my heart's content.

Which I'll probably do, in the hopes of getting things moving along. No real contractions still, which is a bit frustrating. I have until 5 a.m. tomorrow before my doctor will suggest any kind of intervention like pitocin. I'd like to have the baby yet today and avoid any of that. My dr. is pretty laid back -- she likes things to go naturally as much as I do, and wouldn't even be bringing me in if it wasn't for the GBS thing. I did end up going on pitocin with Zooey, but she administered it so slowly, she really used it as augmentation and not the driver of my labor. So I trust her to be careful with it again, if it comes down to that.

Not sure when I'll be able to blog again.



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