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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Sickness and Health...

Zooey is over his malaise. Just in time for the rest of us to come down with it. Zooey has been fever-free since Friday afternoon and was actually bouncing off the walls on Saturday. So he's back in school and having the time of his life.

My husband started to come down with it on Sunday. Laurel also started to get a little congested. And yesterday, I felt a sore throat and headache coming on, then looked at little Edyn about 6 p.m. and realized that she was feverish. 103.9, actually. But a dose of acetominophen and an hour later, she was her usually exhuberant self again. In fact, she stayed up till almost midnight while my husband dozed in the easy chair, waiting for her to drop off so he could take some Ny-Quil or something like that. I'd taken Laurel to bed an hour earlier, but she wasn't tired, either, so I dozed while she lay next to me, gripping my finger and staring at my face.

This a.m., my husband is a hacking mess, but I'm up and about, sipping lemon tea and trying to at least act healthy. My husband always seems to get things worse than I do. Edyn's still asleep, and Laurel is still congested, but no worse than yesterday. Hopefully she'll have a light case of this. I still worry about RSV, since she had a rough start at birth and I've been warned repeatedly by the doctor to watch out for it. But so far, I think she's okay.

Prayers more than welcome, and if you offer any for us, please remember M'Lynn and her family, who seem to have the same sort of thing.



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