Fonticulus Fides

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Pentacost Novena, Day Five

O blessed Spirit of Fortitude,

Uphold my soul in every time of troubel or adversity. Make me loyal and confident.

O, Holy Spirit, You are the highest gift of God most high and the giver of every good gift. Grant me I beseech You (mention your petition). May Your will be done in me and through me.


P.S. I know, I forgot to put Day Four up yesterday. Sorry. It was just chaos at my house & I didn't even dig out my pamphlet until around midnight some time.

Also missed my mom's birthday -- what was I thinking? It was yesterday, and may God bless her today and for the rest of her 67th year. At least I had the kids make cards & mailed them late last week.


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