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Thursday, December 16, 2004


I was scheduled to get a dental crown in January for a molar that was over-drilled when I was a kid & had a couple hairline cracks...well, I broke off a chunk of it while brushing my teeth, so it's off to the dentist this afternoon to get a temporary crown. Fortunately, it's my husband's day off from work. But I'm upset because I've been looking for a different dentist. I do NOT like the one I saw in October & November, and now I'm stuck going back to him because it's an "emergency." It doesn't actually hurt, but who knows how long before the filling pops out or another chunk breaks off.

And it's not like I don't have a zillion things to do without this....sigh....

But before I go, I just wanted to say what a lousy idea I think this show is. My husband was adopted and I stood at his side as he accepted his birth mother's invitation to meet and the reunion that followed. Even though I thought both my husband and his birth mother were as prepared emotionally and intellectually as they could be for the reunion, it was still a roller-coaster ride and in the end, we all came away saying there just isn't any easy or painless way to do this. So a reality show that gives the adoptee a prize for choosing the correct player as her biological father -- or gives it to the man she chooses if she's wrong -- is just ludicrous to me. Obviously, the show's producers have no idea what's at stake emotionally...and neither do the players. Foolishness, foolishnes...and what good can come of it? If she's convinced Mr. A is her biological dad and finds out it's really Mr. G, whom she despised, and gets to find this out on national television ?!?!?

I suppose the only thing that matters to the network is the ratings. When did humans become chattle?



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