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Monday, August 22, 2005

Please keep praying for Kaylie!

She's not doing so well. She had to have a stint put into her heart last week. And again, her poor little body is swelling up with excess fluid. They are doing some sort of dialysis on her, which they've had to do before, but it's not working so well this time. They've got to get the fluid off of her quickly, becuase right now she's only getting 40 calories per kilo of input. This is not nearly enough -- she needs 110 calories, her dad tells me -- but her body is unable to handle any more than that due to the fluid problem,

On top of that, there is some concern that her lungs are not properly formed, and that could have some very serious implications. She's still on a respirator and still on paralytic drugs so that she doesn't fight it.

Kaylie needs a miracle, and you can ask God to give it to her. And her parents need His comfort and support. So pleas pray and keep on praying. It's been an awfully difficult five weeks.

Will write again tomorrow -- I'm blitzed. Filed three stories today.



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