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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More priests per person...

If you want it, then you either have to devote yourself to praying for vocations and doing whatever it takes to help more men find their calling to the priesthood OR you can just move to Lincoln, Nebraska, where we have a reported one priest for every 737 Catholics. Story from Catholic News Agency. They refer to the University of Nebraska campus paper, but the diocean paper ran this news two or three months ago.

The only thing I have to add is this: not only do we have a great number of priests in our Diocese, they are the most enthusiastic and orthodox bunch of guys you'd ever want to meet. Bishop Bruskewitz must take extra care to 'father' the priests of this Diocese to keep them encouraged and focussed, prevent burn-out, etc. I've met a lot of priests since I started working for the diocean paper last May, and I've been incredibly impressed with each one of them! I also interviewed seven seminarians at St. Gregory the Great last August, and they are a fine bunch -- they very much treat each other like brothers and spend hours each day devoted in prayer, taking nightly Rosary Walks together for example. We are blessed indeed!

I'm serious about y'all moving to Lincoln if you want more priests, an Orthodox diocese, fantastic Catholic schools that are very affordable (we pay $400 annual tuition; the parish next to us charges only $150!) and a friend like Sparki ready and waiting for you. And if you don't mind being a bit underemployed and dealing with a city council that has a long record of stupid decisions regarding street repair...



  • Amen! I read that article when it first came out in the Catholic News & World Report and passed it on to many. I love our priests, am glad to know so many of them, and am very grateful for them. And when you have a bishop who carries on the tradition of placing a high emphasis on a Catholic education, it's amazing what happens to tuition. My brother lives 40 minutes away in Omaha, but to educate his three young ones it would cost him well over $10,000/yr. We spend $800 and it's a bargain at twice the price.

    By the way...I agree with you on our city council and it's lack of sound decision-making. Oy!

    By Blogger Jeff, at 10:05 PM  

  • I gave it some at least half-serious thought, Sparki. We're not quite settled on this as our long-term family home, which would probably yield a great down payment or maybe even an entire home price, so you never know.

    And is it really any colder there? My WeatherBug says 43 at 10:15 p.m. and yours says 50 at 7:54 p.m.

    By Anonymous ro, at 9:21 PM  

  • Oh, my. $400 per YEAR? I pay $780 per month for four kids, all I have at school right now. Cathlic Highis $10,000 a YEAR.

    The priests sound wonderful. I wish I could move somewhere like this. And, of course, the draw of a friend like Sparki would just seal the deal!

    By Blogger Carmen, at 5:16 AM  

  • Carmen, the high school is more expensive -- I think it's around $1,500 a year and very good education.

    If you had four children in our gradeschool, you would only pay $700 a year!!! The first child is $400, the second is $200, the third is $100 and the fourth (on up) is FREE. No parents ever have to pay more than $700 a year.

    RO, you know you & your family are welcome any time. I'd love to have you all right down the street! (But maybe you'd like a better neighborhood, so I guess across town is okay, too. ;-)

    It's surprising how NE is not that cold. We're farther south than most people realize. My childhood in Chicago was colder and snowy-er. The thing that gets me weather-wise here is that during fall and spring, it can get down to 20-25 at night and then jump to 55-65 during the day. Wide ranges, you know? I've lived here for about 17 years now, and there aren't too many days above 100 each year (maybe 10 on average, not consecutive most years) and not too many below 0 either (maybe 15 on average). January is the coldest; August is the hottest.

    Jeff, have you seen the O street plans?!?!?!?

    By Blogger Sparki, at 10:36 AM  

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