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Friday, November 10, 2006


Well, last Friday, my husband pulled down the living room ceiling on the new house. It was a nasty dropped ceiling and part of it was droopy, so I don't mind much. The drywaller was in today putting up a new one. Zooey had a stomach ailment yesterday. Tonight it Edyn's preschool "family potluck" and I still have no idea what veggies I am going to be bringing.

There's a lot of painting and moving to do, although we aren't completely changing households this week. Maybe Thanksgiving weekend? I still have yet to open a can of primer, much to my chagrin! So much to do...

I guess it's okay that we haven't had any bids on our old house yet. Two people are CLOSE and one guy said he'd have bought it that minute but he needs to show it to his girlfriend next.

Ack! Look at the time! I'd better run to the grocery store and score some veggies...



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