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Thursday, November 02, 2006

May God Bless the Poor Souls in Purgatory!

Remember to pray for any of your deceased relatives today, and also for all the poor souls in purgatory who have been forgotten and have nobody to aid them with prayer on their journeys toward heaven.

There is a quaint tradition of preparing a fine meal for supper, setting an extra place setting in remembrance of loved ones passed on, and lighting a candle for each deceased relative you are remembering today. As you light the candles, tell your kids about each one of these relatives, and show them a photo if you have one handy. Then close out your meal with the Prayer after Meals, mentioning each of these relatives by name.

Homeowner x 2

We closed on the new house today, so yes, we now have two homes. A summer home and a winter home, perhaps? Well, we still want to sell the old house as quickly as possible so we only have one, like normal people. The deadline for this (before we fall into dire financial straights) is January 1. So please, God, send us a buyer soon, somebody who wants to move into a new house by Christmas! If they are Catholic, I may even be persuaded to leave my stained glass nativity that fits perfectly into the oval window of the front door...



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