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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thanks be to God!!!

My in-laws were in the car, driving to the appointment to receive their first rabies shots this morning, when they got a long-distance call on their cell phone: the bat tested negative for rabies! So, no shots, and they are very grateful. Hurray!


P.S. to the Lord God Almighty: Ummmm...we still need somebody to buy our old house. In case there's another prayer from us You want to answer today...


  • Great news!

    Guess what, last night I was up late as usual, in the living room with the window open and the shade down. I heard this strange noise that must have gone on for about 20 seconds -- a fluttering-wings kind of sound and a sort of series of high-pitched noises. Sounded most like a bird but I certainly didn't think it was a bird in our house at that hour in November. The cats were clearly startled too -- one went under the shade to look out the window and the other was right behind her, but was still looking around in here.

    I called Mr. L. to investigate and he thought it was most likely a bat outside the open window. It had just sounded so close and the one cat had still been looking around for it inside the room so I was still a little scared, but the fact that the little hunter animals had seemed to place the sound outside or near the window was reassuring. Of course I was thinking of your story about your FIL. "Rabies shots are expensive!" I told Mr. L.

    And I listened to some bat soundclips so I can be pretty certain that was what it was. I didn't know they made noise you could hear from that distance! (I was about 10 feet from the window.) I've thankfully heard no more from it.

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