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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Out of the mouth of a real babe

I was downtown with the kids today around 5:30 p.m. and was politely stopped by Dan from Channel 8 news. He wanted a comment about our mayor's plan to purchase cameras to mount over street lights for snapping photos of people who run red lights. I believe the idea is to catch more people when a police officer doesn't happen to be handy.

I hadn't looked into the cost and effectiveness of these gizmos personally, so I demurred, saying I just hadn't had a chance to research the issue yet. Dan offered to give me all the information, but I demurred again and said I needed to get the children home for dinner. Honestly, though, my hair was being swept around by the wind, and even though I always have a lot to say about everything, I just didn't want to do it on TV looking like that!

On the way to our mini-van, Scooter (the four-year-old) asked me why I didn't want my picture on television.

"Oh, I couldn't really answer his question, and I'm not pretty enough to be on TV."

"But I am!" she protested.

Yeah, she's got a lot of confidence. But honestly, she is a real babe, so she can carry it off.



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