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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Here, but coughing...

We've all got a nasty cough and feeling generally miserable, plus the baby is cutting her molars on top of it. So we're just laying low.

Anybody know the difference between a hacking cough and a racking cough? Let me know, so the next time I call the doctor, I can tell her. I do know that none of us are whooping, which is good because there's a bit of a pertussis thing going on in Nebraska right now.

Tsunami Update

My friend in Sri Lanka and her daughter were on Fox News last week. I didn't see it myself, since I rarely watch Fox. They are still trying to raise money for their mission projects. If you haven't yet donated and are interested in a project that will go directly to supply new housing, clothing and other necessities for poor folks who live right on the beach in Sri Lanka, please go to their web site to get more information about their projects and consider a monetary gift in whatever amount you can muster. I can personally vouch for the organization, and I guarantee you that 100% of the funds you donate will go right to the poor -- my friend and her family have other sources of income, so they do not take one dime for themselves or any "administrative" costs.

Excuse me while I go on another coughing fit...



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