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Thursday, May 26, 2005

My kids want to be holy...

At least, you'd think that's what they want the way they go after the new holy water font in Zooey's room. It was a combination belated Easter/hooray for getting your own room/Kindergarten graduation gift. I thought I put it up high enough where he could reach it but his sisters couldn't. I was wrong. Edyn climbed up on his bed and stre-e-e-e-etched over to dip her fingers into it and bless herself. Lola saw that and mimicked her actions. My husband found her with her hair soaking wet, laughing with delight, unaware that she was about to tumble off the bed and knock out a tooth or two. So he swapped the holy water font with Zooey's cross. Now Zooey can't reach it, either.

I'm inclined to swap them back. The way my kids have been acting up now that school's out for the summer, they need all the sacramentals they can get!



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