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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Rest in Peace, Terri Schiavo

You've probably already heard, but Terri Schiavo died shortly after 10 a.m. this morning, Eastern.

Terri's family tried desperately to get to her bedside this morning, but were turned away by police. I don't know why Michael Schiavo insisted on being alone at her side when she died -- he didn't think she was "there" any more. So why sit there? Why not let her parents love her and comfort her to the end? Why not set aside your differences for a few hours and sit TOGETHER with her?

Ah, it's just complaining now. Terri has left this realm and I pray God speeds her to heaven. And may He comfort her family...and show mercy to anybody who had evil motives in this case.


Monday, March 28, 2005

Thank God for this!

The last bit of nourishment ever to cross Terri Schiavo's lips will be the precious Blood of Christ:

On Easter Sunday, Terri Schiavo received Holy Communion, a single drop of wine on her tongue.

I thank God for that, I really do. It's criminal that we couldn't save her from being executed because she's severely disabled, but at least she received proper Last Rites and one final Communion.

I pray that God will comfort her in her final days and speed her to heaven. I pray that He will comfort her family. I pray that this hideous pro-death attitude that I see EVERYWHERE at alarming rates will be overcome.

And I urge YOU to put your final wishes in writing, sign the document with witnesses and let it be known where it is kept. It's your only hope...and even then, some judge might throw it out as inadmissable evidence, just because somebody thinks you should be dead.


Friday, March 25, 2005

Praying for Terri Schiavo

Like so many others, I am utterly heartsick over this whole situation, and more than frustrated that nothing has been done to change things.

I do believe in miracles. I do believe that God can feed Terri heavenly food, if He so chooses. If not, though, I pray the end of her suffering is near.

But man! Wouldn't a miracle be great? Wouldn't it be awesome if instead of Terri fading away, she got stronger and stronger until she could sit up in bed on her own and say, "I WANT FOOD!"

If only...


Saturday, March 19, 2005

Schindler family attorney reports that Terri Schiavo protested the removal of her feeding tube!

According to this report, Terri started to cry and tried to say something when she was told her feeding tube was going to be removed.

God have mercy on her...and those who wish to see her dead.


Friday, March 18, 2005

Terri Schiavo is now being starved/dehydrated to death.

Yahoo News reports that her feeding tube has been removed. May God have mercy on her...and her husband, his lawyers and the courts who have participated in this whole "Let's be rid of her" movement.

Please fast and pray for Terri.

UPDATE Cheryl Ford, one of the nurses who have worked with Terri, reports that Terri's tube did NOT have to be removed. In previous such times, it was only capped off. This time, Terri also went through the pain of having the tube removed entirely. Michael means business.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Latest on Terri Schiavo's Case

According to CNN, Congress is stepping in. A glimmer of hope! Fr. Rob notes that the House passed the bill, but Terri's family believes passing it in the Senate will be an uphill battle. I hope this at least means that while the bill is up for a vote, they can delay the removal of Terri's feeding tube, set for 1 p.m. eastern tomorrow. Anybody know for sure?

If you want to encourage your state senators to vote in favor of The Incapacitated Persons Protection Act, visit the Senate site for contact information.

Fr. Rob also has a great, informative article, including input from neurologists, over at National Review.

Everything you need to know about Terri is on her website.

Keep praying!


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Next time you pray...

...would you please slip in a prayer for the unborn baby of a couple I know? G. & K. have just found out that the baby they are expecting in July has a serious heart defect that may require in-utero surgery. I can't even begin to tell you how frightened they are. They are Catholic, btw. I'm asking for St. Gerard Majella to pray for them as well, since he is the patron saint of difficult pregnancies.

UPDATE: The baby is missing a kidney and has only a two-chambered heart. They did an amnio to determine if there is a genetic defect -- which in turn will determine what course of action to take -- and test results will be back sometime next week.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

Please don't forget to pray for Terri!

I really don't understand why the judge overseeing this case can't seem to allow new information to be brought to light. Do you think it's because he already ruled she should be put to death by starvation, and anything that proves she is capable of rehabilitation would make him look very, very bad? I don't get it.


Dodged the bullet...

Dad's tumor was benign. He has to go in for more testing in 3 months, because it was so large, but at least this one was benign

Edyn spent yesterday throwing up, and I'm waiting for Lola to come down with it too. This weekend, I'll have my first experience renting a steam cleaner to clean the upholstrey on the sofa! Sound like fun, eh?


The bullet's been dodged...

Dad's tumor is benign, thanks be to God. He goes back in for another check in 3 months, simply because the tumor was really big.

Meanwhile, little Edyn has come down with a stomach virus. Weepy sick toddler, weepy healthy toddler who isn't getting enough attention, lots of laundry and in a day or two, my first experience steam-cleaning upholstery. (I figured we might as well wait to see if Lola catches it before we do the major cleaning job.)


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Prayer request

My dad went in for a colonostomy Monday, and the initial findings weren't terribly promising. The doctor ordered a rush biopsy, so we'll know tomorrow whether or not Dad has cancer.

If you would be so kind as to pray for my dad, and my mom (who is so dependant on him), I'd appreciate it. Also, please pray for me, because I don't quite know how to handle things with my aging parents. We are virtually estranged, due to a lack of harmony between them and my husband, philosophical differences, and a legitimate fear for my children's safety. Let's just say there is a reason I have chosen to keep a great deal of geographical distance between us.

But now they are getting older and their health is failing. My dad is in worse shape, having survived prostrate cancer and 40-some years of heart disease already. His hearing has deteriorated from the partial deafness I have always known him to have to the point where he can't talk on the phone at all. My mom is only a little better off with her own heart conditions, polio relapse and arthritis. And those are just the things I know about.

My biggest fear is a potential suicide pact between them. In February 2004, my mom's sister and brother-in-law took their own lives to avoid a "long and painful death" and my mom has always considered their actions to be heroic. I asked my mom not to do the same, and she said they wouldn't, but in my family, that's not a promise to count on. They are not people of traditional Christian faith. They sort of make up their own religion, adding or dropping theological theories as it suits their moods and opinions.

For many years, I've thought I should be doing something, but I have long been forbidden to speak with them about religion. (One of the mistakes I made as a newly "saved" Evangelical was to tell everybody my view was right and theirs was wrong.) I admit to thinking, faithlessly, that it's too late to change them now.

It's not too late for the Lord God Almighty to reach out to ANY person, though. So I pray that their souls will be okay, and I ask you to join me in that prayer.

Meanwhile, they have growing physical needs that must be addressed. My brother reported to me some time ago that our parents' house is falling into disrepair. If my dad does have cancer or does get the knee replacement surgery he needs or if anything else happens to him or Mom, they will need a lot of help, and none of us kids live in the same state. I have my hands full here in Nebraska -- I can't just leave my small kids for a month or two months or three months or more to go take care of my parents, even if I had the money for a plane ticket and a rental car.

I feel conflicting obligations -- like many in my generation, with aging parents on one side and the very young children we had so late in life on the other. And because of the family history, I feel like I have blinders on and can't quite see how I can fulfill the obligaton to my parents. I can't send money. I can't go myself. And what's worse, I don't want to do either. So I need prayer, I need the Lord to show me what to do and to strengthen me to do it.



So where has Sparki been all this time?

I just haven't had much to say or much computer time for blogging. Mostly, I'm trying not to take up server space with meaningless drivel. I have been really busy, though.

Little Edyn has just about completely made the switch from diapers to toilet. There's been a lot of additional laundry and we've run into the rather silly hurdle of her legs being too short to get on the toilet herself, even with a step stool. And she won't use the potty chair any more because she's a Big Girl. (I'm not going to argue with her -- one less thing to clean!) That means dropping everything many times a day and running upstairs with her to help her take her seat.

Meanwhile, Lola has moved on from walking to running and CLIMBING! It's an odd thing to come up from the basement with a basket of clean clothing and find your 14-month-old standing on the kitchen counter. I can't even set up the playpen because she can climb out of that and it's too dangerous.

Zooey's doing great in school, but he's a little stir-crazy from this long winter (flurries today!). My husband is working hard and just made some good money from a music thing he wrote, so we are hoping and praying for more of that. If only we could slaughter all the rest of our bills this year!

That's it for now. More when I can get back...